Monday, October 9, 2017

Design for a red horse step by step

STEP # 1. Basecoat your project red.

STEP # 2. Add pale green dots.

STEP # 3. Begin adding white strokes and dots.

At This point on a horse I add another color dot to the center of the light green dot.

When using this design for other projects I add more dots and details.

I start with the blue dots and brushstrokes.

And finish with the yellow dots.

Feel free to play with the colors and change this design up in any way that you want to. The possibilities are endless.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Julia's Newest, Latest Dala Horse Designs

This season has a lot of classic design elements but the focus is on a playful placement of coma stokes in both the mane and around the saddle area. These shoot off in all directions to infuse the designs with an energy that they didn't have before.

On this ornament in addition to the coma strokes I painted a few daisies to lighten and brighten up the design.

For the next one I used a darker red and a few other brushstrokes to change things up a bit.

I felt that this design got a bit too busy so I made the next red horse quite a bit more simple.

I also came up with a couple of designs on white horses to keep things interesting.

This blue horse design was simply painted in my sketchbook and hasn't been carved into wood yet.

I'm hoping that this mixed media design will look great on products like greeting cards, wrapping paper and fabric. Depending on how those work out I may try it on other products too.

I added a border when I put it on a card and I liked it even better.

Here is how the new horses look with the rest of my collection.

I had just a few horses left and couldn't resist painting them up too.

This last picture is actually the green and yellow horses together shot with a different filter. somehow it turned them all the same shade of orange which offers even more possibilities. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ideas for Dala Horses from Painted Deck Posts

I never get tired of finding different variations for the designs that I use.

Whenever I'm stuck for ideas on color combinations or patterns to use on Dala horses I just go up and down the ramp and look things over until the ideas begin to pop.

It's a great source of reference material because each of the designs that I've tried has been done in an assortment of colors of different backgrounds so I can just see what works best together.

Both of these photos were taken on the same day. We woke up to snow but by 2:00 in the afternoon it had gone again.

The green post was designed and painted by my sister and fellow artist Becca.

Here there are posts painted by a couple of my sisters along with the ones that I have painted.

Can you see the thread that ties these projects together?

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Best Approach to Painted Flower Borders

There are a number of approaches to any design. Even something as simple as a white flower or a daisy.

I found a variation of this design in a  Scandinavian pattern book. It had red flowers so considering the background color I was using I thought I'd try white.

This time I decided to just freehand some leaves and vines to drop the flowers into.

I also decided to try different lengths and numbers of petals on the flowers.

Next I tried combining them with other flowers to see how that would work. That's the beauty of painting the posts on the wheelchair ramp. I've got dozens of different surfaces to practice on and it's been quite a conversation starter in the neighborhood.